About ourselves

NAMASTE from the highest Himalayas of Nepal.

One of the best ways to journey through the Himalayas are with Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd.. We recognize your needs and aspiration and fulfill them because we know how. With our expertise, experience and equipment, supported by our team of qualified professionals, we can make your trip in these regions a real legend for you to believe and its memory the most nostalgic luxury to live with.

Ramya World Holidays is a full service trekking, tour and adventure agency whose services range form arranging all kinds of fascination trekking, climbing/expedition, sight-seeing tours, tailor made trips, white water rafting, exciting jungle safaris and many more adventurous activities for those who get struck by the spirit of adventure, and feel like going where few have ventured before. We also operate special tours to such exotic Himalayan destination like Tibet and Bhutan, India and many more.

The first concern of our business is your personal pleasure. We never forget to put a big emphasis on the quality of service we provide you during your entire stay through us. As a matter of fact the only god we worship in this business is you – our guest. "In guests we always trust”

So leave the planning and preparations of your holidays to the experts. Let us handle the hassles. That’s what we are here for. Give your holidays a different twist this year. So please get in touch with us.

We bring you the Himalayas together with nature, culture & adventure like no one else does!

Our Vision:- Excel through Service and Prosper through Patronage

Our Mission:To provide an opportunity to experience the pleasure of a life time to its patrons by bringing together the blend of nature, culture and adventure of the gracious, Himalayas kingdoms.

Explore Himalayas & BEYOND Discover culture,
Nature and adventure at their best



  • Adventurous Operators and holidays makers for Groups & Individuals to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India and many more.

  • Outbound Tour Operator for Groups & Individuals to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and many more…

  • Operators for Trekking *Adventure & Expedition Organizer * Package Tours * Educational Tours * Pilgrimage Tours * Monastic Tours * Rafting * Inbound Tours * Incentive Tour etc

  • Logistic Support for Filming in Nepal.

  • Holiday Counseling.

  • Logistic Support for Filming in Nepal.

  • Travel & Event Management and professional Conference Organizing for Corporate & Institution.

  • Special Interest Group

  • All other Travel Related Service


To cater the needs of Adventurous & Tourism for the SAARC countries and many more, Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd. has been established in July 2006 with the Ministry Of Tourisms, Government of Nepal and the Department of Industry of Government of Nepal, Nepal Central Bank for enabling to transect in foreign currency. Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd. has a staff of 17 professionals that includes guides in various languages (English, Spanish, and German), and other professional staff. It has its own fleet of vehicles and has its own garage where its fleets are maintained on a regular basis. Beside these, other multilingual guides and wide varieties of fleets are also in contract basis and are available at any time.

Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd. holds memberships in different national and international organization which details are also mentioned at the footnote of its web.

The first question that would arise in your mind is, why Ramya…….?

"Pleasure" is what Ramya stands for in "Sanskrit" language and we are all determined to prove it in tourism with the aim of providing the pleasurable moments to our valuable clients. That's why we try to prove "treasure your royal dreams through Ramya”.

We are very proud to say that our company is adequately staffed with highly experienced and efficient travel trade personnel fully dedicated to their respective duties.


The driving force of RAMYA being a market-oriented company is to cater our customers’ needs with a total commitment to quality and service excellence. Towards this end, RAMYA adopts the corporate philosophy -"Satisfied Client For A Better Future". This serves as a guiding principle in all endeavors we undertake. The group, aiming at benefiting our customers in fulfilling their justified requirement and needs, implements a series of long-term programs.

As A Tourism Consortium, we provide a comprehensive range of services such as:

  • Packages to Holiday destination throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries for group & individual. With your holiday mood & comfort in mind, we provide diverse range of trekking & tour packages along with many other adventurous activities at competitive rates offering the best of hotels, excellent meals & experienced ground handling. For those individuals who travel on their own to any destination within Nepal & Far East, RAMYA designs special tour for them according to their specification and budget. We have tremendous advantage over running our tours smoothly and efficiently since we are the best result oriented team of experienced and dedicated travel professional supported by the multilingual guides and the latest models of the vehicles and the best equipments. Similarly, we cover Tibet, Sikkim, and Bhutan by our reliable networking and the dedicated local professionals’ team. Likewise we have been operating outbound tours to mainly our Nepalese clients to southeast Asian Countries through our counterpart.

  • Holiday Counseling:- Choosing a perfect vacation is much more than simply selecting destination on a map. It is the culmination of a dream representing months, often years of saving, planning and anticipating. It is therefore important that you not only choose the right countries to visit but also the best and most enjoyable way to visit them. Seeing the above, this is where we come into play.

  • Travel & Event Management and professional Conference Organizing for Corporate & Institution Realizing the need for the proper care and concern for Corporate & Institution, we offer all travel related services i.e. Ticket, Hotel Booking, Car Hire, Airport & Documentation etc. We also take care of requirements like arrangement of Annual General Meeting, Trade Fairs, working out Holiday Incentive for the high achiever and other travel related customized requirements.

  • Other Travel Related Services & Specializations - RAMYA offers well-planned transportation, accommodation and above all a traditional hospitality to the travelers, which allows them to spend a relaxed and memorable holiday. RAMYA is a major wholesales tour operator having many series of package. We provide diverse tour packages of top rated, deluxe, comfort & economy hotels which is designs by expert tour manager, local guides that suit specific requirement and schedules. The most famous of these packages is the combined itinerary of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India or Vice versa. Equipped with specialization and experience, we are able to satisfy the needs of many individuals and groups on special interest and adventure packages for these areas


Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd. bank with Nabil Bank (P) Ltd., located various cities in Kathmandu.


Ramya World Holidays (P) Ltd. has a sister concern name Himalaya House which is under the roof of “Himalaya Group” organization. Himalaya Group has been running for the last one decade and mainly deals with manufacturing and exporting wide range of handicrafts goods worldwide. For details please visit our website www.himalayagroup.com.np


Pranaya Shikhar Shrestha controls the venture, his brainchild, from Kathmandu, who has traveled extensively within Nepal and above all having an exposure to the Tourism industry for nearly two decades in management, operation and marketing, his planning, organization capability and skills contributes greatly to the effective functioning of RAMYA. With his experience and dedication, RAMYA within a short time has grown up healthy.

Paras Mani Thing is tour manager who looks after all the tours management. A Rotaract and a resident of Pokhara, he is currently an entrepreneur with an experience of eight years in day to day handling & crisis management. His experience is an asset for RAMYA.

Ms Sweta Shrestha is tour executive who handles all the correspondence. She is graduate from tourism faculty and her knowledge and top of that her dedication and sincerity is another big asset for Ramya. She has been actively involved for the last three years.

Tenzing Sherpa and Pemba Sherpa, both are keen climber and a trekker, having training in both Basic & Advance Mountaineering with the experience of 15 years in trekking looks after the Inbound and the Adventure activities of RAMYA.

Kishore Rai has an experience of rafting. He too looks after all the operations of RAMYA. His comprehensive knowledge of the area of operation contributes greatly to the professionalism of RAMYA.


RAMYA believes that the coming future will continue to be exciting years of boundless potential in the wake of liberalization of economy & globalization of international market. In view of this tendency, we have formulated comprehensive strategic plan to intensify our Domestic and International business.

Improved Economic policies & Globalization in future, will bring forth limitless opportunities for business expansion, will help RAMYA to keep diversifying our services and to explore other travel related business potentials. As a market-oriented company, RAMYA will constantly discipline and dedicate all financial and human resources in fulfilling commitment to customers.

We will anticipate & cope up with every bit of changes that comes our way in the future, while keeping our corporate philosophy intact - "Satisfied Client For A Better Future", because this is why we exist.